Sustainable-Ethical-Delicious Five senses believe in nurturing the whole supply chain. From the producers of the coffee to the cafe it is sold in, the Senses family believe in "a Utopian future where people across the globe can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee knowing that not only were all the people involved in bringing it to life treated equitably but that their lives are actually for the better as a result of their involvement."


Lair stands by this holistic ethos and looks forward to a long relationship with the team, and bringing all the warmth that a good coffee can bring to Brighton!

Crompton Road Blend

Balanced with chocolate flavours & heavy body.

Named after the first home of Five Senses, our Crompton Road blend is all about comfort. With a nod towards more traditional flavour profiles, this blend is perfectly suited towards milk coffees. Rich flavours of bakers chocolate and marzipan envelope the entire palate, which seamlessly leads to a velvety body and a lingering creamy finish.


Cherry cola & delicate peach, smooth texture with a creamy finish.

Risaralda decaf runs through Descafecol, a state of the art decaffeination facility in the Andean region that has a rich source of natural water runoff from Nevado del Ruiz volcano. An organic compound found in sugar cane called Ethyl Acetate is used to extract caffeine using a soaking or “caffeine stripping” process.

Hi Fidelity

Exploring all things sweet and clean, the Hi Fidelity blend is an elegant offering. A fresh cherry and blood orange acidity spring onto the palate, mellowing into a clean, candied finish.


Rich caramel & floral highlights with velvety body.


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